Expleo, the global engineering, technology and consultancy service provider, will be exhibiting at Farnborough International Airshow (FIA) 2022 from 18-22 July.

Expleo will be joined at FIA 2022 by its affiliates, Aerotec Concept, Silver Atena and Stirling Dynamics, to demonstrate technology-led innovations across the value chain that will help shape the future of the aerospace industry:

  • Cockpit Controls: Developed by Stirling Dynamics, these simulator controls replicate the dynamic feel of an aircraft cockpit for an accurate simulator experience.
  • ENSO Nanosatellite: Scheduled to launch later this year, this innovation in space technology is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Co-developed with the University Space Centre of Montpellier, nanosatellites promise more cost-effective and rapid-to-deploy solutions for space exploration.
  • Electrification: Expleo’s suite of eAircraft solutions, including electrical vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL), help meet aircraft manufacturers’ joint priorities of sustainability and urban mobility, shaping the future of aerospace.
  • Smart Series: Built on the combination of Expleo’s technology, engineering and industrial expertise, this digital toolset automates repetitive high-volume tasks in manufacturing and assembly processes, freeing up resources and accelerating time to market.
  • Sustainability: Expleo will be sharing case studies and discussing its various innovations that enable sustainable aeronautics, including BAMCO – bio-sourced composites for use in aircraft interiors.

In addition, Expleo is inviting visitors to share their own “Views from the Top.” All visitors to the booth will be able to record their own views and predictions for the industry which will be launched and broadcast in space following the close of the event.

Jeff Hoyle, EVP Aeronautics, Space and Defence of Expleo commented: “The aerospace industry is standing on the edge of a new age, driven by a demand for sustainability and improved efficiency in the production of new aircraft. The key to success will be leveraging new technologies in unison with engineering excellence. We’re looking forward to sharing with the world our innovations across testing to technical engineering services, as well as engaging with the foremost decision-makers on the topics that are shaping the future of aerospace.”

Jeff Hoyle, EVP of Expleo will be hosting a panel session on digitalisation for sustainability in aerospace on Thursday 21st July. Simon Hancock, Business Manager will also be delivering a keynote presentation on the potential on the opportunities and challenges for eVTOL on 21st July.

Expleo can be found at Stand 1151, Hall 1. To arrange a meeting or tour of Expleo’s booth, please contact Mark Fowler at mark.fowler@expleogroup.com.

To learn more about Expleo’s offerings and presence at FIA 2022, visit expleo.com/FIA