Nicholas Rhodes, the discerning CEO and Founder of, enlightened a diverse audience this week with his keynote speech at PBX Europe 2023, hosted at The Novotel London West in Hammersmith. The renowned Photobooth Expo saw industry leaders, creatives, and exhibitors converge to exchange insights on emerging trends and innovations. Rhodes, with his innate understanding of harmonizing technology and human experience, unveiled OutSnapped’s revolutionary, user-friendly, patent-pending AI photo booth technology.

His address explored how AI could refine and humanize event photography, providing brands a golden opportunity to cultivate richer, more meaningful interactions and experiences. OutSnapped’s innovation goes beyond conventional uses of AI, offering a seamless fusion of technology and creativity to produce hyper-realistic avatars from a single photo, enabling brands to navigate through diverse environmental settings and enhancing real-time interaction.

Rhodes emphasized the potential of AI to function as a bridge, connecting brands and individuals through immersive, personalized experiences. He remarked:

“I believe AI is more than just a tool—it’s a gateway to boundless realms of creativity, turning each of us into creators, the architects of our unique narratives. It’s our ability to dream and imagine, to articulate those visions with rich detail and passion, that allows us to unlock AI’s full potential. I see this capacity to envision and create as the sculptor of future event interactions, turning every experience into a journey through undiscovered landscapes of possibilities.”

This articulation by Rhodes not only painted a future where AI and human experiences coalesce but also encouraged professionals to rethink and remodel their strategies for more resonant brand and customer engagements. OutSnapped, since its inception in 2017, has been the partner of choice for eminent brands like Netflix, W Hotels, Amazon Studios, Slack, HBO, Calvin Klein, and TED, pioneering in transforming experiential interactions.

About OutSnapped

OutSnapped is a NYC-based agency that specializes in creating epic photo booth experiences. Founded by Nicholas Rhodes in 2017, the company has partnered with brands including Netflix, W Hotels, Amazon Studios, Slack, HBO, Calvin Klein, and TED.