Schuler’s sheet metal forming lines are almost as diverse as the parts produced on them: They range from the larger-than-man-sized C-frame press for packaging to press lines filling factory halls that form car doors and engine hoods, among other things. Notching presses for electrical sheets and production lines for battery housings are also part of the portfolio. Added to this are the numerous digital applications that Schuler has already developed for forming technology. Schuler will now be presenting all these solutions at the Blechexpo trade fair from November 7 to 10 in Stuttgart (Booth 8306).

“Our lines make mobility and sustainability possible in the first place, because they produce, for example, the components for electric cars with a long range or electrolysers for the production of hydrogen,” emphasizes Schuler CEO Domenico Iacovelli. “With the help of our applications from the Digital Suite, the production lines themselves can also be operated even more energy-efficiently and economically.”

In the meantime, not only Schuler’s single presses are of modular design (“TRITON” concept), but also the multi-stage press lines. The most powerful line, “ServoMAX,” can produce a particularly large number of parts cost-effectively. For those who want to take advantage of all the benefits of servo technology but do not require maximum output, Schuler now offers the “ServoNEXT” press line. The “MechNEXT” is an additional mechanical press line without servo drive.

Laser blanking lines cut the blanks which the press lines then form into body and structural parts. In addition to the proven lines with two and three laser cutting heads, Schuler has now added a more cost-effective line to its product portfolio which operates with one cutting head. All laser blanking lines allow die-free blanking: all that is needed to change from one geometry to the next is the push of a button.

Lighter components extend the range of vehicles – whether with electric drives or combustion engines. A new process for hot stamping aluminum is therefore now being used on hydraulic presses from Schuler, in which the light metal is heated, formed, and simultaneously cooled within a very short time. The result is high-strength components with low weight.

Schuler Service, with its experts around the world, helps customers increase the output of their lines and ensure availability. “Shopfloor Operations Management” is the name of the latest application from Schuler’s Digital Suite, which can even be used to optimize and control an entire press shop. Other solutions include applications from the field of machine vision as well as systems for component tracking and energy optimization. Furthermore, visitors to Schuler’s stand at Blechexpo will be able to find out about lines to produce electrical sheets for motors or cylindrical and prismatic battery housings.

The company’s subsidiary AWEBA, which is exhibiting together with Schuler, can also supply the appropriate dies for these and other parts. Just opposite at booth 8410 is Vögtle Service GmbH, a specialist in the purchase and sale of used presses and coil lines as well as in the modernization of mechanical and hydraulic systems.

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