Crosser, the leading low-code platform for streaming analytics, automation and integration for , has announced partnerships with leading AVEVA distributors present in ten European countries. Wonderware Benelux and Scandinavia, Wonderware Italy and Factory Systemes Groupe are leading distributors and part of the AVEVA partner ecosystem, one of the largest and most active value-adding global networks in the industrial automation market.

“We are very proud to announce these partnerships in Europe,” says Crosser’s CEO and Co-founder Martin Thunman. “All partners are known for their deep understanding of their customers and their ability to constantly optimize value, efficiency and sustainability.”

“Together with Crosser, we can help Italian industries move faster and with a very flexible approach,”says Edoardo Manicardi, President at Wonderware Italy.  “Crosser complements the AVEVA products and simplifies innovation for Industry 4.0,” Manicardi continues.

The footprint of these leading AVEVA distributors is very noticeable in the European industry, with over 10,000 combined industrial customers. Over the years, they have provided systems and solutions to virtually every industrial vertical, illustrating a unique insight into the market.

This knowledge, combined with Crosser’s low-code approach to edge analytics and integration, provides value beyond the technical hurdles that often are the starting point for industrial digitalization projects.

“There is a need for bridging OT and IT people, processes and systems within the industry,” says Peter Karlsson, Managing Director at Wonderware Scandinavia. “Customers want to simplify all phases of their IoT projects to shorten the time to value.”

Addressing both small and big use cases is another vital topic among European industries. Local project teams often need to implement new use cases and projects themselves, with limited support from central expertise. Modern software therefore needs to have a new level of built in, self-service capabilities.

“The Crosser platform is exactly what customers are asking for. An easy-to-learn software that acts like a Swiss army knife, filled with building blocks that make it possible to address a huge variety of use cases and technical challenges. It’s very easy to get started and there is an excellent online training package that simplifies the process,” says Fabien Serre, CTO at Factory Systemes Groupe, the AVEVA distributor for France and the DACH region.

This brings us back to the Swedish floor manufacturer Välinge Innovation AB. They have been promoters of ease-of-use solutions for their customers since 1993, when they pioneered the concept of glueless click flooring and changed the way people install and use floorings.

“Innovation lies in our culture,” explains Jimmy Olofsson, IT Manager at Välinge Innovation AB. “It is an attitude as well as a way of working. We want to be able to try ideas and solutions on a smaller scale, quickly and easily, and if the outcome is as we intended, scale them up to our entire business.”

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