Industrial automation specialist Novotek is expanding its commitment to deliver the best industrial equipment by making Kepware software solutions readily available to industrial businesses. The product is available on the company’s e-store and it promises to bridge the connectivity gaps between diverse industrial automation devices and applications.

Kepware is an open platform communications (OPC) server software that can be configured to work with a wide range of industrial devices, such as PLCs, and HMI or SCADA software. The Novotek estore allows visitors to specify the type of device they are connecting, to ensure that the correct solution is selected to help businesses deploy as quickly and effectively as possible.

Kepware allows companies to follow an enterprise approach to connectivity by connecting virtually any production asset. This helps businesses to introduce a standardised connectivity architecture that can be scaled across an entire organisation easily.

“As facilities grow and become more advanced, so does the need to connect and manage data between various devices and software clients,” says George Walker, managing director of Novotek UK and Ireland. “This can lead to issues of connectivity between devices from different manufacturers. Kepware serves as a bridge between these devices, allowing data to be freely communicated.

“Traditionally, the approach would be for industrial businesses to consult with an automation expert to define the exact Kepware configuration that is needed. However, the product is all about simplifying connectivity, and we want to reflect that by adding the configuration options to our estore. This allows engineers to easily specify and procure the exact product they need to unify their plant’s data communications.”

Another key benefit of using Kepware is its simplified deployment and flexible pricing, using just one unlock key to access all servers, offering at the same time an enterprise subscription pricing that scales with your deployment. This enterprise model helps create a standardised connectivity and repeatable architecture that can scale across the entire organisation and accelerate Industry 4.0 initiatives.

The addition of Kepware to Novotek’s e-store, which launched in the UK earlier in 2020, complements the existing offering of PLCs and controllers from Emerson Automation. The e-store recently expanded the availability of products across the entirety of Europe, with transactions able to be carried out in Euros.

To find out more about the advantages of using Kepware or to browse the varied range of products available from Novotek, visit the company’s e-store.