Dynamic Source Manufacturing Inc. (DSM), celebrating its 20th year as a leading Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider, is proud to announce that it has achieved another major milestone in its journey towards Industry 4.0 with the support of Cogiscan. Headquartered in Calgary, Canada with production facilities in Canada and the United States, DSM’s journey to date has included complete automation and digitalization of a major portion of material flow and factory value chain.

This includes having successfully implemented cutting-edge hardware solutions from leading suppliers, for processes such as intelligent material receiving, smart shop-floor and point-of-use material storage and retrieval, high-volume connected placement, and post-teardown x-ray counting of parts. To connect and manage all of these solutions, DSM has utilized Cogiscan’s best-of-breed Track, Trace and Control (TTC) and electronics IIoT platform, including for features such as Traceability, Material Control, and machine-to-machine communication and synchronization between all of the various equipment sets involved. The result is an exceptional level of efficiency and productivity, which enables DSM to in turn provide exceptional service to customers.

“We have had the honor of working with DSM since 2006 to help realize their long-term vision of achieving operational excellence through digital transformation and automation,” says Mitch DeCaire, Director of Business Development at Cogiscan. “It has been a delight to watch this forward-thinking company continue to innovate and push the envelope, especially within the last year, and to play a part in helping them realize their vision.” 

“When digital transformation is done right, we as a team transform as well, for the better,” says Duane Macauley, President and CEO of DSM. “Preserving positive human partnerships with our team and partners, like Cogiscan, in a change-ready environment is what inspires us to get on board with the advancements that new technological innovations bring. This is essential for a successful business, especially during these times. After 20 years, we are exceedingly grateful to make high-quality products for incredible customers that share the same digital transformation philosophy.”

For the past 20 years, Cogiscan has been widely recognized as the industry-leading expert in TTC and IIoT solutions for electronics manufacturing. During this time, the scope and depth of the Cogiscan suite have evolved into a comprehensive TTC solution for the complete assembly of electronic products, including factory-wide IIoT to enable digital transformation and Industry 4.0.
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Dynamic Source Manufacturing Inc. (DSM)’s global customers count on them to bring their high-quality products to market quickly, efficiently, and with peace of mind. They proudly serve those in communications, energy, industrial, automotive, security & defense, and emerging technologies. Their full-suite of services include quickturn-prototyping, volume manufacturing, testing, component sourcing and box build assembly. For more information, visit dynamicsourcemfg.com