At the triennial K Fair taking place October 19-26 in Düsseldorf, Germany, the world’s shared future will undoubtedly be at the forefront of nearly every discussion. It doesn’t matter whether the topic is automotive electrification or e-mobility, climate change or sustainability. Our planet needs solutions now. 

To help OEMs and their suppliers rise to the challenge, DuPont’s Mobility and Materials (M&M) group will bring multiple innovative and rigorously tested solutions to K 2022. Within its 300 m2 exhibit stand (Hall 6 / C43), visitors can view not only new and sustainable materials but also related systems and application developments pioneered by the team and its wide-ranging polymer science expertise. 

At the K, the M&M team will display new developments in more sustainable solutions, automotive electrification and e-mobility, robotics, consumer electronics, sporting goods, footwear, and more. 

Sustainability without compromise 

In addition, visitors will be invited to meet the sustainable future of the plastics industry in Future Lab, a section of the stand where designers and engineers can find inspiration and eco-friendly solutions that are either new or have yet to be introduced to the market. These material possibilities include Hytrel® ECO B thermoplastic elastomer, made with biomass; Rynite® PET based on post-consumer recyclate; low-density Zytel® polyamide and foamable grades of Hytrel® for weight reduction; and finally, a look at ongoing developments that will go well beyond these current solutions. 

A recent innovation, Hytrel® ECO B, delivers performance equivalent to Hytrel® grades made from fossil feedstock but with biomass content up to 72% by weight. As a result, OEMs reap the processing benefits and mechanical properties of traditional Hytrel®, but at a lower impact on the environment and without the need to requalify the material or retool. A new commercial application will be exhibited at the stand. 

In addition, M&M will feature several low GWP materials and solutions, including eCool technology for sustainable EV battery cooling lines and Zytel® RS resins that contain between 20% and 100% renewably sourced material (by weight) derived from castor beans. 

Automotive electrification 

As a leading partner to OEMs and their suppliers in developing sophisticated EV systems, the company will engage customers with multiple material and service-based answers to current and future challenges. A few examples are: 

  • The 3-in-1 Solution for EV batteries: a patent-pending concept to increase energy density that combines three elements into one modular unit to decrease range anxiety, increase passenger room, improve cooling, and integrate components. 
  • DuPont™ Chemical Bonding (DuPont™ CB): this patented and novel technology simplifies manufacturing via direct polyamide-aluminum joining, a common challenge for automotive and industrial components, and produces higher bond strength. 


Translating their accomplishments and expertise in the transportation industry to e-mobility applications is second nature to the M&M team. At K 2022, they will showcase success in solving customer challenges as well as the breadth of their materials portfolio. 

  • E-bikes: DuPont offers a tailwind to this fast-moving and innovative market with a forward-looking, sustainable polymer portfolio coupled with design and processing expertise.
  • Wireless EV charging systems: Visitors will see this system and learn how the tier supplier producing it used multiple Zytel® solutions to meet wide-ranging requirements – from high gloss, NHFR, and low warpage, to the ability to withstand 1000 kg load at up to 100C. 

Sporting goods and consumer electronics 

From footwear for runners and fins for divers to the components that keep consumer electronic devices running, the M&M booth will feature many successful commercial applications in the consumer space. A few include: 

  • Home appliances: Robot vacuum cleaners and espresso machines made possible by Zytel®, Hytrel®, Crastin®, and innovative design 
  • Running shoes: From Hytrel® filament uppers to foamable Hytrel® insoles, midsoles, and outsoles, visitors will see multiple commercial examples. 
  • Swim fins: One customer recently launched patented, foldable swim fins to consumers, thanks to an upgrade from Hytrel® ECO B. 

Industrial & electrical 

This sector encompasses innovative and exacting markets that DuPont has served well for decades. On the M&M stand, visitors will be able to view flourishing applications and solutions in: 

  • Robotics: From industrial automation and collaborative applications to AMR and AGV technology, a forward-looking polymer portfolio coupled with design and processing expertise supports the limitless innovation in this market segment. A customer application on display will bear this out. 
  • Dip solder-resistant thermoset replacement: Perhaps the only thermoplastic solution that can pass requirements for the high-temperature dip soldering process, this Zytel® grade is able to replace phenolic parts and is bio-based, recyclable, and NHFR at V0. 

DuPont Mobility & Materials group invites visitors to K 2022 to their exhibit area in Hall 6, Stand C43, to see the latest in sustainable and transformative materials for nearly any application. 

About DuPont Mobility & Materials
DuPont Mobility & Materials (M&M) delivers a broad range of technology-based products and solutions to the automotive, electronics, industrial, consumer, medical, photovoltaic, and telecom markets. DuPont M&M partners with customers to drive innovation by utilizing its expertise and knowledge in polymer and materials science. DuPont M&M works with customers throughout the value chain to enable material systems solutions for demanding applications and environments. For additional information about DuPont Mobility & Materials, visit