Digi International, a leading global provider of Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity solutions, today announced a strategic agreement with UR Group, a leader in specialized services spanning Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), defense, industrial automation and energy markets. With a primary focus on rail, bus and Smart Cities, Digi and UR Group will initially collaborate to deliver advanced ITS solutions to U.K.-based organizations.

Rail transit remains an attractive alternative to air travel and personal vehicles in some U.K. markets, but operators must provide more amenities to attract passengers such as Wi-Fi service, fare collection, security monitoring, and more. Digi’s smart railways solutions can communicate real-time data about a range of asset-monitoring functions, from wagon tracking for rail freight customers to air-conditioning performance on passenger trains. The secure technology monitors infrastructure and identifies faults so they can be addressed before they disrupt operations.

We are honored to work with a true innovator in the ITS sector,” said Justin Schmid, General Manager of Cellular Solutions at Digi International. “UR Group is at the forefront of solutions that support advanced Smart Cities and transit systems, such as the world’s first hydrogen-powered passenger trains in the U.K. Powered by Digi Remote Manager, our broad range of cellular router solutions are reliable and easy to deploy, manage and control for the entire product lifecycle from a single command point. Our ability to innovate and deliver recurring value underpins our commitment to the long-term success of our customer’s deployments, which aligns exceptionally well with our burgeoning collaboration.”

This is an exciting time for organizations like Digi and UR Group to bring innovation to the transportation sector,” said Joe Matano, Managing Director of UR Group. “More than ever, business relationships like the one we are forging are critical to enable integration of new technologies and create scalable solutions that shape the future of transportation and facilitate the transition to green energy.”

About UR Group

Founded in 1996 in Milan (Italy), URGroup are specialists in enabling global connectivity. The company is an international provider of advanced communications systems, subsystems and end-to-end solutions utilising Sensor, IP Networking, Wireless, Fibre-optic and Satellite technologies. URGroup has far-reaching technological expertise, an international group structure and presence, a comprehensive understanding of vertical markets and a dedicated range of strategic value-added services. This makes URGroup one of Europe’s leading technology enablement companies. Working with world-class manufacturers to bring optimal solutions to customer applications, URGroup can leverage one of the industry’s most diverse technology portfolio to provide custom design, product development and supply chain management. More info at www.ur-group.com.