DataRobot has announced DataRobot AI Cloud for Industries, a comprehensive solution that unites industry-tailored AI capabilities and best practices, integrations, and expanded partnerships for major industries. Building upon DataRobot AI Cloud, the launch leverages DataRobot’s deep expertise working with many of the largest and most successful manufacturing, banking, healthcare and retail organisations in the world to harness the power of AI to transform their operations, accelerate growth opportunities and manage risk as they deliver services for their teams and customers. 

“DataRobot AI Cloud for Industries means that all industries now have an end-to-end platform to meet their industry-specific AI needs, from healthcare companies working to improve clinical outcomes to retailers innovating the shopping experience,“ said Ritu Jyoti, Group Vice President, Worldwide Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation Research, IDC. “This comprehensive set of offerings coupled with solution accelerators, decision intelligence frameworks, and training programs uniquely positions DataRobot as a solution for industries.”

DataRobot has delivered more than one million active customer projects across leading organisations like Stanley Black & Decker and 84.51°, resulting in a vast library of best practices for applying AI to enhance patient care, supply chain management, fraud detection and prevention and more. DataRobot AI Cloud for Industries extends this expertise to accelerate the impact of AI for banking, retail, manufacturing and healthcare organisations. This solution will be further expanded to energy, life sciences, insurance, government, telecommunications and media organisations in 2022.

DataRobot brings unique value to organizations across all industries:

  • Over 100 best practices for delivering AI with maximum business impact
  • Dozens of Solution Accelerators, third-party integrations and notebooks targeting industry use cases, accelerating the path from AI concept to production
  • No-code app building capabilities coupled with Decision Intelligence workflows tailored to industry-specific business outcomes, closing the gap between data science and front-line business users
  • Unique third-party integrations for data partners and technology solutions, extending AI to trusted enterprise systems and services
  • Flexibility to deploy DataRobot AI Cloud to any cloud, on premises and at the edge to support industry requirements for security, data governance and locality
  • Industry-leading AI Trust technology combined with key privacy and security certifications including ISO 27001, SOC2 Type II, GDPR, CCPA and more
  • Advanced MLOps capabilities integrated with enterprise security and governance processes and tools, ensuring support for highly-regulated industries
  • Extensive education services through DataRobot University, building expertise for applying AI practices for the greatest impact to specific industries

As part of today’s announcement, DataRobot is also announcing new and expanded relationships with data providers, technology partners, systems integrators and cloud infrastructure platforms. Learn more about this growing ecosystem.

AI Cloud for Manufacturing 

DataRobot works with 40% of the top manufacturers around the world to leverage data and insights to become more agile and resilient. DataRobot AI Cloud for Manufacturing extends this expertise to enhance supply chain and inventory forecasting, preventative maintenance and quality assurance. Tailored Solution Accelerators, like those that proactively identify and predict parts failures, are critical to ensuring continuous, uninterrupted operations.

“We needed a tool that could help us navigate through a rapidly changing business landscape,” said Aleksandar Lazarevic, VP of Advanced Analytics & Data Engineering at Stanley Black & Decker. “Since implementing DataRobot AI Cloud for Manufacturing, we are utilizing time-series forecasting to better predict demand from our customers and take corrective action with logistics disruptions.”

AI Cloud for Banking

DataRobot is extending its extensive expertise in banking, including work with 7 of the 10 top US banks, to address rapidly evolving and complex challenges across the banking industry. Organizations can use AI Cloud for Banking to focus on key opportunities like fraud detection and prevention, customer marketing and acquisition, client satisfaction and retention, credit risk management and more.

DataRobot also offers a broad range of customizable solutions to optimize transaction acceptances and rejections when detecting credit card transaction fraud, enabling customers to more proactively identify bad actors, while protecting consumers.

AI Cloud for Healthcare

Healthcare organizations face unprecedented demand for patient services amidst the historically complex global pandemic. DataRobot AI Cloud for Healthcare helps address this growing demand by optimizing patient care, prioritizing treatment for the most critical cases, and forecasting staffing and operational needs, while optimizing claims management and payer operations. The solution is also accelerating research in breakthroughs that treat and prevent diseases and illnesses at a global level.

“We were able to use AI cloud technologies to study predictors of outcomes for patients with traumatic spinal cord injuries,” said Dr. Adam R. Ferguson, PhD, Professor and Director of Data Science at Brain and Spinal Injury Center, UCSF (BASIC UCSF). “Using the automated machine learning pipeline, we revealed critical relationships between operating-room blood pressure and patient outcome which will be studied further to improve patient care. By leveraging the wealth of data our program has been collecting since its inception, combined with the AI cloud and rapid feedback from our clinical team, we achieved patient-relevant insights in a matter of months through advanced analytics.”

AI Cloud for Retail

DataRobot AI Cloud for Retail builds on its expertise from working with 40% of leading retailers around the world to create more personalized customer experiences, ensure more accurate supply chain and inventory forecasting while optimizing the costs of retail operations.

“We’re thrilled to continue our work with DataRobot, and to leverage DataRobot to enhance the customer shopping experience across Kroger grocery stores,” said Milen Mahadevan, President at 84.51°. “DataRobot has accelerated our delivery of AI to production by putting the power of AI into the hands of more employees in an understandable and approachable way. Because of this, we’re able to provide better solutions that improve customer loyalty and the overall experience.”

“DataRobot helps us to predict operational needs in near real-time to make every customer interaction more personal and engaging,” said Todd James, Chief Data and Technology Officer at 84.51°. “With the help of AI, we’re able to process vast amounts of data and drive intelligent insights that enable us to provide better experiences for our customers.”

Learn more about DataRobot’s AI Cloud for Industries initiative:

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