DataRobot announced today new platform enhancements to further Democratise AI and its acquisition of Zepl to enhance enterprise AI platform capabilities for advanced data scientists at its virtual conference, AI Experience Worldwide.

The new platform enhancements include Composable ML, Continuous AI, No Code AI App Builder, Bias & Fairness Monitoring, and Model Grader. You can find out more about the new features here.

Commenting on the announcement, Nenshad Bardoliwalla, SVP of Product at DataRobot said: “We’ve always seen AI as a team sport, and to truly democratize its capabilities we need to serve the most technical and the most urgent business audiences. We’re opening up our platform to enable advanced data scientists to explore their own custom-built code, while simultaneously delivering no-code solutions to empower non-technical business users with AI at their fingertips. These investments allow us to truly tackle all the personas necessary to make AI pervasive.”

The acquisition of Zepl, the cloud data science and analytics platform, is expected to further unlock the code-centric data science market. To find out more about the acquisition, you can read the press release here.

Commenting on the acquisition, Dan Wright, CEO of DataRobot said:  “We have always known that to lead the AI market, we must embrace all creators of AI systems, from analysts and citizen data scientists who prefer using a GUI to advanced data scientists who love to code. Through the addition of Zepl, we now give advanced data scientists more flexibility to use our enterprise AI platform within their existing workflows, including the ability to use their own code. By incorporating Zepl into the DataRobot platform, we plan to further democratize data science across every enterprise and significantly accelerate our code-centric roadmap.”