DataRobot, the leading enterprise AI platform, has announced a key strategic investment from and expanded partnership with Snowflake. Salesforce Ventures and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) also made strategic investments in the company. These investments come as DataRobot expands the Series F round of financing led by Altimeter to $320 million at a $2.8 billion valuation.

In addition to the Snowflake Ventures investment, DataRobot also announced it has entered into a strategic partnership with Snowflake to enable superb user experience through deep product integration and joint go-to-market activities. DataRobot and Snowflake joint customers are already creating massive business value by improving the speed and efficiency with which they leverage data to generate business insights and improve the quality of decisions. The enhanced partnership will serve to further accelerate the product and go-to-market synergies between the two companies.

“From the beginning, DataRobot and Snowflake have shared a common vision of empowering organisations to unlock the power of their data and mobilise it in service of the enterprise,” said Snowflake’s SVP of Product, Christian Kleinerman. “Data and AI share a naturally symbiotic relationship — data feeds the AI engine that delivers high quality business insights.”

Brad Gerstner, founder and CEO of Altimeter Capital, a leading investor in both DataRobot and Snowflake also believes in the transformative power of this enhanced partnership. “Today’s enterprises are overwhelmed by data and are struggling to harness its full potential. Developers spend too much time unlocking data silos and maintaining, deploying and monitoring their machine learning models. But times are changing and the seamless integration of Snowflake’s powerful Data Cloud with DataRobot’s market leading AI on Demand will help businesses unlock their data’s full potential with powerful predictions and actionable intelligence.”

In addition to the robust partnership with Snowflake, Salesforce and HPE will deepen their relationships with DataRobot. The investment from Salesforce Ventures, and by extension partnership with Tableau, will accelerate the adoption of AI by business users. DataRobot will work with HPE, the global edge-to-cloud platform as-a-service company, to deliver a seamless, multi-cloud experience for customers.

“The era of experimental AI is over — companies need a reliable data analytics stack that rapidly delivers valuable business insights to steer their decision-making and growth,” said Dan Wright, President & COO, DataRobot. “With both the amount of data and the rate at which data is changing at an all-time high, we look forward to deepening our partnership with Snowflake, Salesforce, and HPE and helping more customers realise these insights and transform their businesses in record time.”