Written by industry journalist Philip Stoten, Cybord’s latest white paper draws on interviews with EMS and OEM companies to explore the potential for traceability to provide the additional benefit of real productivity improvements. The white paper, which can be downloaded from the Cybord website, offers real examples, insight and advice on the application of traceability as a productivity tool.

When Cybord created its AI (Artificial Intelligence) based visual component analytics, a SaaS material monitoring system, it was with the goal of providing OEMs with a zero-trust solution that provides surgical component traceability and verification. It does that, but as proved in numerous field examples, it does much more and can deliver tangible value and ROI (Return on Investment) as a productivity tool.

As one tier one EMS executive with twenty years of manufacturing experience explained, “the core of Industry 4.0 is data, and this provides data that is valuable to every stakeholder in the supply chain. They are all impacted by the insight it provides”. The same executive went on to say that they expected to deploy the solution globally starting with all the high reliability sites that made products for the automotive industry.

The current shortage of parts is encouraging more purchasers to look outside their normal channels. Meanwhile, we are seeing a surge in counterfeit, misrepresented, old or damaged parts finding their way into the supply chain.

Cybord’s solution leverages images taken by reel-to-reel inspection, the placement head and AOI to provide the most detailed component analysis data. The data is then utilized by their AI driven software to compare it with billions of other images to detect any defects or anomalies that might affect the performance of the component or its performance in assembly. This could be anything from counterfeit parts to older parts with corroded or damaged leads.

In a volatile and disrupted market, traceability is more important than ever, why not use that traceability to deliver real productivity benefits as well. Download the whitepaper here to find out the what, the what, and the how.

About Cybord

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