More than just a seasonal stocking filler, this document is the ultimate manufacturing gift that keeps on giving. Download a copy today for your chance to win your very own Sumitomo (SHI) Demag IntElect 220-700 injection moulding machine LEGO® set. Designed by MAGICBRICKS creator Sascha Rücker, one lucky winner can spend the holiday season the envy of all their engineering colleagues. 

 Like the competition brick-kit, processors can build up their productivity in stages.  Even marginal gains can unlock  accumulative enhancements to boost profit margins. For example, beneath the hood of a full-sized IntElect are a number of velocity and injection power features that, when used correctly and repeatably by moulding operatives, result in faster cycle times and more stable start-ups.

Reducing a 10 second dry cycle time by just 0.55 seconds, for instance, can equate to an additional 504 cycles daily (2,520 a week). Multiplied, this productivity improvement alone can add up to 14.3 extra production days annually. Some of this can be learned by attending a short course at the company’s Daventry ‘elf academy’.

Add in workforce engagement, and productivity soars once again. The whitepaper illustrates how one customer was able to get an astonishing extra 168 days of production out of one IntElect machine by optimising the machine set up. Another 5% could be gained using automation and digital tools.

With the Group gearing up to announce a European productivity roadshow in 2024, including stopovers in North and Southern Ireland, Scotland, Manchester and the Midlands, Managing Director Dave Raine comments: “Productivity is the real gamechanger now for processors. Even in the most profitable organisations, there’s great potential for improving efficiency and workforce competence. The key is to start with the basics; correct operation and setup times; review manual and automated routines; optimise machine cycle times, etc.”

For your chance to win the 912-piece IntElect MAGICBRICKS set for Christmas, download the whitepaper here by 15th December. The competition will close at 5pm GMT. The prize winner will be announced on LinkedIn.