Cohesity, a leader in data security and management, today announced at Catalyst, the company’s three-day virtual summit, expansion and rapid innovation with the Data Security Alliance.

Cohesity added new members to the alliance including Netskope, ServiceNow, and Zscaler. The company delivered new integrations with CrowdStrike, ServiceNow, and announced an updated integration with Tenable. The alliance, announced in November 2022, also includes BigID, Cisco, CyberArk, Mandiant, Okta, Palo Alto Networks, PwC UK, Qualys, Securonix, and Splunk.

The Data Security Alliance offers a unique and comprehensive approach to security. Through this one-of-a-kind alliance, leading cyber security, data security and management, and services vendors partner to seamlessly bridge enterprise IT and security by sharing context and enabling new workflows. This collaboration can help customers detect threats and respond to attacks faster, improve remediation, and advance cyber resilience — all while utilising their existing security and data management investments.

This type of alliance is in high demand by enterprises globally. In a soon-to-be-released global research study commissioned by Cohesity, with partners BigID and Tenable, 87% of the more than 3,000 IT and security respondents polled believe that in order to help win the war against ransomware, it is important that data security and management and cyber security companies  team to provide complete and integrated anti-ransomware solutions.*

The following are new Data Security Alliance partners:

  • Netskope: Cohesity and Netskope will provide enhanced data protection to tackle the challenges of double-extortion ransomware attacks. Cohesity’s zero-trust protection of immutable backup data helps ensure data is available for recovery if production data is encrypted. When coupled with instant mass restore, organisations will be able to recover from ransomware attacks in hours versus days.

Netskope’s Intelligent Security Service Edge (SSE) platform, with its Zero Trust Engine, provides AI-powered visibility and control of sensitive data across web, SaaS, and private apps. Enterprises can reduce the attack surface by applying zero-trust principles to unmanaged networks and protect all traffic through real-time data and threat protection. Through this integration, enterprises can thwart data exfiltration by ransomware attacks that can expose customer, employee, and partner data, as well as intellectual property, for extortion purposes.

  • ServiceNow: ServiceNow® Security Operations (SecOps) brings incident data from the Cohesity Data Cloud into a structured response engine that uses intelligent workflows, automation, and a deep connection with IT to prioritise and resolve threats based on the impact they pose to organisations.
  • Zscaler: Data protection is top of mind for customers to protect. Cohesity integration with Zscaler provides customers with industry leading Zero Trust security in the world’s most deployed cloud data protection solution. Cohesity will classify backup data and share information about sensitive files with Zscaler. Zscaler’s data protection platform not only fortifies cloud-based communication channels but also incorporates functionalities such as automated data discovery powered by AI and machine learning (ML), as well as seamless deployment requiring no manual configuration. These capabilities enable precise enforcement of outbound traffic policies, aligning them effectively with customer data protection guidelines. Furthermore, the integrated workflow optimises the allocation of security team resources while actively shaping user behaviour pertaining to the handling of sensitive data.

“With the addition of new security partners Netskope, ServiceNow, and Zscaler and our growing portfolio of security integrations, we have one of the most robust data security ecosystem in the industry to help fight the threat of attacks,” said Sanjay Poonen, CEO and president, Cohesity. “Today’s increasingly sophisticated cyber threats cannot be solved by one vendor alone. It takes an integrated network of cyber security, data security and management, and services experts to thwart the persistence of bad actors. We’re excited to be fulfilling our vision via new and expanded integrations with our valued partners and look forward to working together to help enterprises win the war against cyber threats.” 

The following are new or advanced integrations with Data Security Alliance members to increase the speed and efficiency of threat detection.

  • CrowdStrike: Integration with Cohesity provides closed-loop detection and response for attacks directly within the CrowdStrike Falcon platform. Customers obtain enriched visibility in their CrowdStrike Falcon LogScale dashboard – the platform’s modern observability and log management offering – with insights from Cohesity, allowing fast correlation, investigation, and response to incidents in one location.
  • ServiceNow: ServiceNow® Security Operations provides closed-loop detection and response for ransomware attacks via SOAR integration adding to the existing capability to create workflows through their IT service management (ITSM) solution. This allows teams to rapidly access and address threats based on the potential impact to the business.
  • Tenable: Cohesity is pleased to launch a new, re-architected integration with Tenable, that powers our marketplace app CyberScan. The updated Tenable integration provides improved scalability to meet the demands of growing workloads so that snapshots can be scanned rapidly and support demanding SLA and RTO requirements. The improved scalability also improves vulnerability scanning used proactively, as part of cyber resilience best practices.

“CrowdStrike’s modern, scalable observability and log management solution is an ideal complement to Cohesity’s exceptional data management capabilities. Together, we help customers rapidly advance cyber resilience within their organisations,” said Daniel Bernard, chief business officer at CrowdStrike. “With the increasing sophistication of cyberattacks, powerful integrations help defeat the bad guys and offer customers the most comprehensive and advanced approaches to protecting their people, organisations, and data.”

“We welcome the opportunity to innovate with Cohesity to help our customers strengthen their cyber resilience and contribute to the momentum of Cohesity’s Data Security Alliance,” said Ray Komar, Vice President of Technical Alliances, Tenable. “We’re excited to support the newly re-architected integration of marketplace app CyberScan powered by Tenable, which provides greater scalability so large workloads can be scanned more efficiently and rapidly. Proactive, rapid vulnerability scanning is a critical part of cyber resilience best practices”

“Improved collaboration between data management and security providers, and tighter integration of their respective services, is critical in meeting the threat of ever more sophisticated cyberattacks such as ransomware,” said Johnny Yu, Research Manager, Storage and Computing, IDC. “Cohesity has shown strong momentum in adding key security providers to its alliance and making more integrations available to customers to help defend against cybercrime.”

*April 2023 survey conducted by Censuswide, of more than 3,000 IT decision-makers and SecOps professionals (split nearly 50/50 between the two groups) from businesses in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia and Japan. Full report to be released by July 2023

About Cohesity

Cohesity is a leader in data security and management. We make it easy to secure, protect, manage, and get value from data — across the data centre, edge, and cloud. Cohesity effectively helps organisations defend against ransomware attacks with comprehensive data security and management capabilities, including immutable backup snapshots, AI-based threat detection, user behaviour monitoring, and rapid recovery at scale. Cohesity solutions can be delivered as a service, self-managed, or provided by a Cohesity-powered partner.