Cognex Corporation released the DataMan® 580 fixed-mount barcode reader, designed for five- and six-sided Modular Vision Tunnels.

The new logistics tunnel solution gives an edge to companies that want to increase sortation throughput and decrease processing times for e-commerce and store fulfillment. All tunnels are pre-configured with pre-built reader modules and can be set up within a day, greatly minimising downtime and delivering fast ROI at inbound, outbound, and sortation areas.

The DataMan 580 barcode reader optimises logistics processes by enabling higher-speed operations while improving traceability. Patented algorithms simultaneously decode multiple 1D and 2D codes at top line speeds while the nine-megapixel area scan imager enables greater field-of-view.

The DataMan 580 adds significant performance gains for high-speed logistics tunnels,” said Matt Moschner, Vice President of ID Products and Platforms. “The system’s algorithm decodes multi-symbology labels up to three times faster than conventional methods. And, because the DataMan 580 system actively tracks packages throughout its field of view, users can reduce the space between boxes and process more items.”

In contrast to linear scanning systems, the DataMan 580 ensures more robust code reading by deciphering high-perspective labels on irregular objects. The system’s innovative HDR+ imaging algorithm significantly reduces exposure times needed for high-resolution images, delivering crisp, clear images even in low-contrast environments.

The DataMan 580 can be enhanced with Edge Intelligence, Cognex’s device management and performance tool, to track real-time system performance and optimize operations downstream. Additionally, pairing DataMan 580 Modular Vision Tunnels with Cognex 3D vision systems enables logistics operations to identify label placement and dimensions in real time, helping validate label compliance.

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