A new partnership between green energy expert, Katrick Technologies and independent research and technology organisation the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) will help the UK reap the benefits of low-level wind energy generation. As a result of the partnership, Katrick expects a first prototype of its technology, which uses kinetic energy from wind to generate green energy.

As studies suggest the world is on the brink of breaching the climate threshold outlined in the Paris Agreement, green innovators are developing new ways of providing carbon-neutral renewable energy. While wind power is by no means a new concept, Katrick Technologies has designed a wind panel system that maximises the amount of kinetic energy captured, while addressing the limitations of traditional turbines.

The low-level wind panels contain multi-layered aerofoils, which oscillate independently as wind passes through them, creating pockets of energy that can then be converted into sustainable electricity. Katrick estimates that, if installed along a one kilometre stretch of road, the panels would generate enough electricity to charge 120,000 Tesla electric vehicles or power 3,000 homes.

One of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult centres and supported by Innovate UK, the MTC aims to provide a competitive environment to bridge the gap between university-based research and manufacturing innovation. Since becoming a Tier 1 member at the MTC in autumn 2022, Katrick has been working with the centre to develop a prototype for its low-level wind panels. Once ready, the MTC will facilitate the next step in the project’s development plan by helping Katrick to showcase the prototype to its network of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and energy investment companies.

The case for novel renewable technologies has never been greater. At the end of January 2023, a study by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) revealed that global temperatures are expected to eclipse the Paris Agreement’s 1.5 degrees Celsius (C) increase within the next decade. In fact, using artificial intelligence, the study suggests that Earth is expected to warm to the critical 2C tipping point by as early as mid-century.

Discovering green energy alternatives should be the at the top of the UK’s agenda,” said Vijay Madlani, CEO of Katrick Technologies. “Having alternative power sources will help keep business costs lower and reduce strain on the grid, while helping decrease reliance on fossil fuels. Ultimately, it’s not a case of wanting more options, but needing them. Our work with the MTC is already paving the way for green energy innovation, which will be taken a step further with the development of our prototype.”

Commenting on the partnership, Chris Brown, Senior Business Development Manager at MTC said “We are proud to be working with Katrick on this important innovation for wind generation in the UK. Enabling solutions that reduce carbon and support the UK’s net zero ambitions is at the heart of everything we do at MTC. Through this exciting partnership we can really make a difference together”.

To find out more about Katrick Technologies and its low-level wind panels, visit the website here.