Cavonix, an experienced developer of proven autonomous technologies for off-highway vehicles, selects CrowdCube to host its upcoming EIS Advanced Assured investment round. 

Having secured lead investment from the founder of a Tier 1 automotive supplier, the company aims to raise £1,000,000 to enable the company to deliver the most affordable, complete, and proven platform to market. This includes advanced vision systems with AI capabilities, and 4D RADAR components. The Cavonix platform can be “lifted and shifted” to any target vehicle, and the company also has plans to expand the large array of vehicles that the system is currently working on.

CEO Steven Lake commented, “This technology values affordability and efficiency at its core, and autonomous vehicles provide significant benefits in any use-case by increasing productivity, reducing fuel burn, and giving the ability to redeploy limited skilled human resources to other tasks.

At the heart of the Cavonix Technology Stack is a control system which is built using the proprietary CavLab programming language and architecture. This enables the rapid deployment of the solution for any target vehicle both electric and conventionally powered.

CTO Carl Owen commented, “The technology works reliably today having been proven in harsh environments, it has been tested on buses, passenger pods, tractors, and our own monster truck. The ability for the solution to be implemented quickly and affordably, and for it to work effectively, is why it has been chosen and delivered to multiple third-party OEMs.”

CEO, Steven Lake commented further, “We are excited to broaden the reach for Cavonix and to help more OEMs accelerate their autonomous capabilities and product offerings with an affordable option, rather than selling them an unreachable dream of the future.”

We encourage investors, opportunists, and anyone with interest to reach out to us – we are eagerly anticipating the growth of our business and are thrilled for the opportunity to share the excitement.

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