Carmo, the Danish producer of injection-molded medical- and industrial components, and Forsstrom HF, the Swedish machine manufacturer, has partnered up on the development and sales of high-frequency (HF) welding machines. The first results of the partnership – a new version of Carmo’s HF welding machine CP9 – will be presented at the R+T fair in Stuttgart in February.

For decades, Danish Carmo and Swedish Forsstrom HF has cooperated and recommended each other’s products to their respective clients. Now, the two companies are officially partnering and have signed a partnership agreement on the development, production, sales, and service of Carmo’s HF welding machines.

“Forsstrom and Carmo share a special relationship that goes back many years. Representatives from our companies often meet at trade fairs, and we have always gotten along well and had many ideas for collaboration. It was more than obvious for us to take the ultimate step with an actual development project and a sales agreement” says Carmo CEO Claus Ishøy.

Forsstrom has already worked on developing and retrofitting Carmo’s HF welding machines several times. But starting with this agreement, these projects will be serially produced and made available to a wider market.

“We hope to create a closer connection to our customers and be their favorite one-stop-shop for all their machinery and tool needs. With the addition of Carmo’s machines to our portfolio, we cover a completely new business area and are one step closer to our goal” says Robert Forsström, COO in Forsstrom.

Adding Experience and Insight

First step on the partnership’s agenda is further development of Carmo’s most popular HF welding machines, the CP9 and CP8.

“Forsstrom are experts in HF welding and are also very well acquainted with our machines, so Forsstrom has unique insights to further develop them. Their optimizations will benefit our customers, who will have the updated version made available”, says Claus Ishøy.

Forsstrom has sales representatives in several countries, where the representatives manage sales and service of HF welding machines that are customized to weld Carmo’s medical- and industrial components. Carmo sees many opportunities in the addition of Forsstroms experience and insights to the company’s development and sales partnership.

“We see many opportunities in working with Forsstrom. They are a renowned brand, known for high quality. With our partnership, we get access to Forsstrom’s unique expertise that will take our HF welding machines to the next level, while they will also open new markets for us with their comprehensive sales channels!, says Claus Ishøy.

Trade fair introducing new partnership and updated machine

The updated HF-welding machines will wear both companies’ logos and is included in Forsstrom’s efforts to create a wider portfolio for their clients. Forsstrom also looks forward to showcasing their new partnership’s opportunities when they participate in the R+T trade fair in Stuttgart from February 19thto the 23rd. Here, a new generation of Carmo’s HF welding machine CP9 will be launched. The CP9 has been updated for simpler usage and easier service and maintenance.

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