Candela C-8 is the first electric boat with the range to travel between popular destinations on the Mediterranean coast and the great lakes of southern Europe. It now comes in a version for the sun-drenched markets: Candela T-TOP.

Candela C-8 is the only electric boat with a range of 50 nautical miles at 22 knots on one charge. The 2-3 times longer range than other electric power boats is possible through hydrofoil technology, which cuts energy usage by 80% compared to planing hulls. The foils allow Candela C-8 to accommodate the harbor-hopping powerboaters seeking to travel sustainably between the popular ports on the big lakes of Italy, Switzerland, and Austria, or the Mediterranean coasts of Croatia, Greece, and Spain.

In conjunction with the opening of two new showrooms in Cannes together with French partner Sud Plaisance, the Swedish marine tech company also launches the Candela C-8 T-TOP version, which features a carbon fiber sunroof that provides ample shade for the eight passengers, as well as new features that make C-8 the ideal place to spend long, sun-drenched days on the water.

The carbon fiber T-Top only weighs 47 kilograms but is sturdy enough to carry several water toys – two SUP:s, a kayak, and plenty of fishing rods. Or why not water skis, as the wake-less C-8 is the ideal craft for perfecting those beautiful big spray turns.

The T-Top also has mounts for extra equipment, like radar, searchlights, or a VHF antenna. It will also be fitted with interior downlights, with the possibility to have a red night light that preserves the crew’s night vision – handy when returning home after a late dinner. The six-speaker Fusion sound system is easily heard, as the C-8 is whisper quiet even at the 30-knot top speed.

Driving Candela C-8 in waves on the Mediterranean is like driving a high-end electric car on the highway: Silent, smooth, and zero emission. Lifting the boat out of the water not only reduces the consumption to a fraction of what planing boat would use, it also creates a ride unmatched by any other vessel at sea since the boat is untouched by the waves.

– The ride is just better. Once you’re flying, all the bad things with traditional boating are gone. It’s silent, there’s no slamming and it’s very cheap to drive, says Bruno Delahaye, the CEO of Sud Plaisance, who recently tried out the C-8 outside Cannes.

While passengers might not want the ride to end, the Candela C-8 T-TOP is the perfect place to hang out once you have dropped anchor at your favorite destination.

With its optional foldable transom, the C-8 T-Top becomes a spacious social platform for swimming, diving, or water sports. The front cabin equipped with a marine head also gives the possibility to stay out overnight.

About Candela

Candela is the world’s first electric hydrofoil maker. Based in Stockholm, it employs more than 150 engineers and technicians that develop and build the Candela C-8 daycruiser, P-8 Voyager tender boat and P-12 Shuttle ferry.

Serial production of the first model, Candela C-7, started in 2019. In 2022, Candela C-8 became the best-selling electric leisure boat in the premium category.

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