Automotive Transformation Group’s CPO, Giles Smith will be stepping down from his position following 2 years within The Group and over 2 decades at the helm of GForces (one of The Group’s heritage brands). Giles Smith will continue to engage as an active board member and will work closely with the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Tim Smith, to build upon their strong executive team and company-wide vision.

Current Product Director, Anson Moniz will be replacing Giles Smith as CPO, effective immediately. The appointment follows a 7-year career within the organisation and a further 14 years’ service in the automotive industry.

Giles Smith stated, After 22 years as CEO of GForces and 2 years as Automotive Transformation Group’s CPO, I felt it was the right time to make way for Anson who has demonstrated an abundance of talent and has the right experience for this role. He has played an integral role in the development of our newly launched NetDirector® Digital Retailing Suite, and during his 20+ years within the automotive industry, has established an exceptional understanding of technology and how this can help both consumers and retailers adapt to the ever-changing landscape of automotive retail. I fully support Anson’s appointment as my successor and look forward to seeing what he will bring to his new role. Going forward, I will continue to have a vested interest in The Group as an active Board Member and will work closely with the Executive Team to build upon our ever-evolving products and goals.”

Anson Moniz added, “I take great pride in being appointed Giles’ successor and will ensure our customers remain at the heart of every new innovation we bring to market, be it a digital, data or retention solution. I am delighted to embark on the next chapter of my 7-year career with Automotive Transformation Group as we continue to create value and drive efficiencies throughout the full lifecycle of vehicle ownership.”

About Automotive Transformation Group
Automotive Transformation Group exist to support and simplify vehicle sales for Retailers, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), Financiers and Fleet Suppliers across the industry.
During their 20 years of service, Automotive Transformation Group have helped their customers sell millions of vehicles through their digital, data and retention solutions. More recently, while the pandemic forced showrooms into lockdown, Automotive Transformation Group delivered ecommerce functionality to over a third of all UK Franchised Retailers in under 24 months, helping many of their customers maintain their business during this period  of unprecedented change.
Automotive Transformation Group aim to become a leading provider of omnichannel, digital retailing, and retention  solutions by driving efficiencies throughout the vehicle sales process. Their products are used in 85 countries and  have been translated into 30 languages worldwide.