Ian Gosling, founder and CEO of the ‘no code’ automation platform, AUTTO, will call on the UK’s legal sector to shift its approach to digital transformation or expect to be challenged by clients.

Participating in a panel discussion on the topic of ‘scalable automation’ at this week’s Legal Innovators UK Conference in London, Ian will use his platform to address an audience of legal sector professionals and communicate the urgency of adopting a systematic approach to digital transformation.

Commenting ahead of the conference, Ian said: “Digital transformation can be intimidating, which is perhaps why many firms and corporate legal departments shy away from it. But this is perpetuating a piecemeal approach to adopting new technology and is diminishing the huge value things like workflow automation represent.

“It’s vital that this culture changes so that the productivity and profitability benefits on offer through automation can be realised. Embracing a systematic approach to digital transformation is needed but the sector must also break away from its obsession with perfection. Automated processes don’t need to be perfect straight away, nor should automation mean total automation – people must be included in the process too.

“By identifying the right opportunities, starting small and expanding, making mistakes fast and learning from them, building a proof of concept, and taking an iterative approach, the best outcomes can be achieved. This matters massively because, while digital transformation may be a slow burn in the legal sector, it’s gathering momentum in the corporate world and client expectations are moving in unison. It’s no longer a question of if clients will challenge traditional time-based billing models but when.”