Precision engineering plays a vital role in various industries, from automotive to aerospace to medical technology. Its expertise is crucial for the manufacturing of complex, precise products that must meet high-quality standards. In an increasingly complex world, precision engineering companies contribute to technological development and economic growth. Despite their importance, these companies face challenges such as high development costs, a shortage of skilled labour, and increasing global competition. These issues can lead to financial difficulties, making it necessary in some cases to close down operations. Fluctuating market conditions and disruptive technologies exacerbate these problems further.

Used Machinery Auction at Surplex

In the case of a complete closure, the machine inventory must be broken up. This is a complex process that requires high expertise. From inventorying to professional dismantling and transportation: it is advisable to work with professionals in machinery liquidation. Companies like Surplex offer this specialised service and can manage the process efficiently and economically. In the case of the recent closure of a precision engineering company in Aylesbury, UK, Surplex took on the responsibility for liquidating the machinery inventory. This action provides other companies the opportunity to cost-effectively upgrade their own machinery fleet.

More than 150 machines and accessories are up for auction on until 19.09.2023. Among them are machines from the following well-known manufacturers:

  • 5x HURCO Vertical Machining Centres including:
    • 2x VM10i
    • VMX50 S
  • 5x CNC EDM Machines including:
    • AGIE CHARMILLES Cut E 600 (YoM 2017)
  • SODICK KC1Start Hole Eroding Machine
  • BRIDGEPORT 2HP Universal Milling Machine
  • COLCHESTER Student Universal Lathe

As well as many other items, such as various SK40 and SK50 tool holders, machine vices, workbenches, workshop cabinets, cantilever racks, and transport carts.

Surplex is a renowned industrial auction house specialising in the purchase and sale of used industrial machinery and equipment. With decades of experience and an international network, Surplex is a reliable partner for companies looking to liquidate or expand their machinery inventory.

About Surplex
Surplex is one of Europe’s leading industrial auction houses and trades worldwide with used machinery and equipment. The 16-language auction platform records approximately 50 million-page views annually. More than 55,000 industrial goods are sold each year at more than 800 online auctions. The company is based in Düsseldorf (Germany) and has offices in 16 European countries. Over 220 employees from 20 different nations generate an annual turnover of more than EUR 100 million.