From various leadership positions in technology companies, Asdrúbal Pichardo has extensive experience in developing solutions, business units and markets.

Prior to joining PerfectPattern, Pichardo was CEO of FactoryPal. The Berlin-based startup offers a SaaS application to increase manufacturing efficiency using AI and IoT technology. Before that, he served as executive vice president and general manager Europe for Corporater, provider of a SaaS solution for governance, performance, risk management and compliance (GPRC).

He also held various management positions during his twelve years with SAP, most recently as Senior Vice President in the Global Field Operations organization.

On the agenda: new markets and globalization

“With aivis, PerfectPattern has developed a groundbreaking AI technology for the industrial Internet of Things, which is already being used successfully in the paper and steel industries. It is a fascinating task to explore further markets for aivis and to tackle internationalization,” is how Asdrúbal Pichardo describes PerfectPattern’s further development.

In addition to his studies of management and leadership at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the business school INSEAD in France, Pichardo holds a degree in computer science and a Master of Science in Advanced Computing from King’s College London.

“The last few years have been an exciting time for the PerfectPattern team and me personally,” says Fabian Rüchardt, until now CEO of the company, who will remain with Perfectpattern in an advisory capacity. “With aivis, we have developed a targeted AI for industrial process data that does not require data science expertise. I am grateful to been a part of this journey and continue to contribute in an advisory capacity.”

aivis requires only minimal preparation of the process data, analyzes it independently, automatically creates the data models and finally generates meaningful reports for predicting process parameters, avoiding production problems, detecting abnormal behavior, analyzing causes and much more.

About PerfectPattern
PerfectPattern is a Munich-based AI company focused on improving overall effectiveness in industrial processes. The passionate team of mathematicians, computer scientists, software engineers and product managers combines a decade of industry experience with deep research in automated machine learning (AutoML). The result is aivis, a breakthrough AutoML technology that understands process data without any domain knowledge for the specific application domain. With aivis, we are developing end-to-end AI solutions and helping our customers improve their overall effectiveness and productivity.

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