With many of the largest European food supermarkets and wholesalers starting to insist that food processors and vendors install x-ray as well as metal detection on production and packaging lines, Fortress Technology Europe will reveal its X-Ray range to the Interpack 2023 audience.

A contamination detection request influenced by the largest North American chains, including Costco and Walmart, many food suppliers are now seeing this food safety audit requirement begin to also roll out among the major European food retailers.

To support food processors entering this unchartered inspection territory, Fortress Technology Europe offers a range of options. Including a space-saving Combination X-Ray and Checkweigher, Multi-lane designs, as well as standalone X-Ray machines, all available with either a dipping conveyor, pusher or air blast reject system. For processors of meat and other pumped foods, Fortress also supplies an easy-clean X-Ray Pipeline system.

On display at Interpack 2023 is the newest addition to the trusted Fortress x-ray family – the Raptor X-Ray. Available in two belt widths – 300mm and 400mm – the Raptor X-Ray inspects and rejects packaged meat, cheese, chilled and confectionery products that present with metal, glass, wood, rubber, high density plastic, stone and calcified bones. For bulkier applications, Fortress also offers an XL 500mm belt stop and alarm conveyor X-Ray system. These conveyor systems can monitor fill levels, identify ingredient clumps, broken or missing product and spot damaged packaging.

Currently only available in Europe, the entire Fortress X-Ray series automatically integrates international retailer codes of practice into the testing software, programming them into each machine menu before installation on food production lines.

Rather than using compressed air to cool and regulate the temperature of the x-ray filaments, the Fortress X-Ray range instead features electric servo drives. These electric drives enables both the conveyor and pipeline x-ray machines to reject contaminated product faster and more accurately than other comparable food x-rays on the market.

With filaments in an x-ray tube running hotter when more current is demanded, the Fortress X-Ray range typically runs at 60kV, half the usual voltage. An entire system only requires a maximum 10 amps to operate, compared to an air-conditioned x-ray which typically needs 16 amps. This can add up to an annual saving of EUR 4,600 for each x-ray.

Sloping angles, magnetic x-ray curtains, an easy to remove conveyor, IP69k-rated sensors, plus a unique three-way reject valve on the Pipeline X-Ray, makes this Fortress range among the easiest and fastest to sanitise. All drive motors are located within the mechanical side of the cabinet, preventing cables from getting wet and damaged.

For the first time, European food processors will be able to view, watch demonstrations and ask questions about Fortress Technology’s more extensive range of high performance contaminant and checkweighing equipment. Including the company’s award-winning Raptor Combi Metal Detector, large caseweigher for bulk applications, a hygienic Meat Pump Pipeline Metal Detector, plus the company’s newest Retail-Specification Metal Detector. Visit Hall 11, booth E30 to assess your food inspection options.

For more information, visit www.fortresstechnology.co.uk.