AMADA WELD TECH EUROPE announces the release of the new AWS3 Pneumatic Active Welding System. This unique system combines pneumatic weld heads and weld pincers with an inverter weld controller. The complete system is an integrated solution unifying process control, monitoring, and quality analysis, one that is ideal for welding applications in electronics, medical engineering, and automotive sectors.

This system specifically combines F- and FP-series pneumatic weld heads and weld pincers with an IS-Q-series inverter power supply. This means the full AWS3 functionality is now available for pneumatic weld heads. The system is cost effective, as it does not require a separate monitor, nor a separate WKA adaptor and Smart System Bus interface. Rather, the system only requires one connection for the field bus.

A variety of features make the system interoperable and accessible. With various interfaces, the Active Welding System is easy to integrate for automation. The integrated system includes MG-300A process monitoring functionality, furthering the ease of integration, as well as the ease of programming. With remote service capabilities, and a user-friendly human interface panel with either single knob push and turn operation or a touch screen, the system is also accessible through a number of different methods.

The Active Welding System is available in multiple versions, that is, in a standard version or with displacement and force measurement. Depending on the configuration selected, the AWS3 can control one or two weld heads or weld pincers. Additionally, a shorter stroke unit is also available.

In order to achieve optimum welds, it is crucial to achieve automatic calculation and monitoring of critical values, programming of weld power and weld force profiles, as well as static and dynamic process monitoring. Fortunately, the AWS3 Pneumatic Active Welding System combines these key elements into a single premium system that enables quick and precise parameter settings.

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