Impulse Embedded,  A leading provider of industrial computing systems and solutions is pleased to announced the availability of the AI-MXM-H84A from leading embedded solutions provider Aetina. The AI-MXM-H84A is an MXM Embedded Graphics Accelerator for AI processing, to aid the development of Deep Learning and Neural Network processing at the edge. 

Featuring four Hailo-8 edge AI processors, offering a substantial 104 tera-operations per second (TOPS) on a single embedded MXM graphics module, the AI-MXM-H84A is ideal for machine builders and AI solution architects targeting machine vision systems, autonomous vehicles and robotics.

What is Hailo-8?

Hailo-8 is the latest Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) from Israeli AI hardware manufacturer Hailo.

The Hailo-8 Edge AI processor is the size of a penny and offers 26 TOPS AI inference performance with a typical power consumption of just 2.5W. ASICs, as the acronym suggests are manufactured for a specific application, this limitation of design flexibility is countered by lower production costs, lower power consumption and exceptional performance.

The architecture takes advantage of the core properties of neural networks, enabling edge devices to run deep learning applications and scale more efficiently and sustainably than similar AI solutions whilst significantly lowering the overall cost.

What is MXM?

MXM, or Mobile PCI Express Module, was originally designed for use in laptops. It was intended to provide an industry-standard socket for graphics processors, which would allow the easy upgrade of GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) capabilities without the need to upgrade the entire system or be tied to proprietary hardware for the lifetime of the device.

Aetina’s MXM modules are designed specifically for harsh environments. They are intended to be integrated into systems which themselves are tested and certified to adequately handle vibration. These modules are hardy and capable of being exposed to the impacts and tremors found in harsh, industrial environments at the Edge. Due to its small-sized form factor, the high-performance MXM 3.1 Type B module can be easily integrated into a variety of embedded systems by developers and system integrators to handle heavy AI inference workloads with low latency and without the increased power consumption of conventional discrete graphics cards.

Impulse has over 20 years’ experience of designing, building, and supporting embedded computing solutions. Impulse can fully configure rugged high-performance edge computers to customer’s exact specification in their UK based engineering facility with a choice of processor, memory, storage, peripherals, embedded operating system and MXM embedded graphics modules.

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