Action Star Technology, a Taiwanese OEM/ODM of USB productivity solutions, will showcase its industry- leading docking solutions at Computex 2023. The company will offer the very first live demonstrations of its three all-new USB4TM penta-4K120, wireless, and eco-responsible docking stations that aim to help users maximize productivity, performance, and sustainability.

Action Star Technology’s USB docking solutions to be unveiled at Computex 2023 include:

USB4: Supercharged Penta-4K120 Performance

USB4 is the latest technology in connectivity and expansion. Pairing the versatility of USB with the performance of ThunderboltTM 3 and Thunderbolt 4, USB4 offers compatibility and feature parity with all these technologies.

Action Star’s USB4 docking stations are the world’s first docking stations to leverage USB4, ​​SynapticsTM VMM9430, and DisplayLinkTM DL-7400 to enable connections to more monitors at higher resolutions and refresh rates.

Action Star’s USB4 Penta-4K120 Docking Station offers several benefits over other docks:

• World’s first penta-4K120 docking station
• No-compromise 5x 4K/120Hz video output
• Supports up to five monitors: 1x native DisplayPortTM, 4x DisplayLink outputs
• Native DisplayPort output: Supports up to 8K/85Hz using DSC (8K/75Hz for HDR)
• DisplayLink outputs: Up to quad 4K/120Hz or dual 8K/60Hz with HDR10 support
• Universal docking: Supports Windows, macOS, ChromeOS, and Linux devices
• Backward compatible with USB-C/USB 3.x

Action Star’s USB4 Triple-4K60 MST Docking Station offers next-gen performance including:

• Supports up to three monitors: 3x 4K/60Hz outputs
• Plug-and-play: No drivers or apps necessary

Wireless: Dual 4K/60Hz with Imperceptible Latency

Anyone who has tried to wirelessly cast their desktop understands how underwhelming the experience can be. Bid a nostalgic farewell to agonizing latency, ruined presentations, and random troubleshooting sessions and say hello to a seamless wireless productivity experience that won’t let you down or cut you off.

Action Star’s Wireless Docking Station features:

• Based on Synaptics’ Gemini platform
• Dual 4K/60Hz output
• Imperceptibly low latency
• Peer-to-peer Wi-Fi 6 connection is performant even in congested environments
• Industry-leading MA-USB implementatio

Eco-responsibility: Designed for Sustainability

As consumers and businesses become increasingly aware of their impact on the environment, products need to be built with a sense of eco-responsibility. Action Star is committed to creating products that help reduce electronic waste.

Action Star’s Dual PD-in Docking Station was designed with eco-responsibility in mind:

• Allows input from a second USB-C charger to boost laptop charging efficiency
• Housing is made with post-consumer recycled plastics

Using PCR materials, and designing for the reuse of old USB-C chargers, helps reduce e-waste, said Leo Yu, General Manager of Action Star Technologies. “A key focus for Action Star in the coming years will be eco-responsibility,” Yu said. “We will be adopting new technologies that boost energy efficiency, using PCR materials to keep them out of landfills, pursuing ecolabel certifications, and designing products that give new purpose to obsolete devices.”

You’re invited to visit the Action Star booth (N0507a) at Computex 2023 to see these new products in action and learn more about Action Star’s strategy for eco-responsibility. For more information about Action Star Technology’s latest products and solutions, please visit its website.

About Action Star Technology

Action Star Technology Co., Ltd. is an OEM/ODM service provider based in Taiwan. The company has more than 30 years of experience designing, developing, and manufacturing docking stations and other USB accessories for some of the world’s most well-known brands. In Q2 of 2021, Action Star Technology was acquired by Simula Technology Inc., a subsidiary of Qisda Corporation.

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