• ABB’s globally recognized VD4 circuit breaker evolves to be safer, smarter and more sustainable with advanced digital features
  • New intelligence reduces the risk of power outages by 30 percent and increases operation and maintenance efficiencies by as much as 60 percent
  • Compact and configurable, the VD4 evo’s ‘plug and play’ design enables easy installation and is simple to upgrade

As power systems around the world transform, ABB is continuing to lead their seamless digital transformation with the evolution of its respected VD4 medium voltage (MV) circuit breaker.

Transforming the operational excellence and cost-efficiency of modern electrical distribution applications, the new VD4 evo takes the popular existing range – which is already established in over 2 million installations across 100 countries –and fast-tracks it into the digital future.

ABB unveils ‘tomorrow ready’ digital circuit breaker
ABB unveils ‘tomorrow ready’ digital circuit breaker

VD4 evo’s design incorporates Industry 4.0 level sensor enhancements for all thermal, mechanical and electrical parameters along with an advanced Central Monitoring Unit for 24/7, real-time analytics. With key information delivered via a simple, intuitive dashboard, this approach enables unparalleled visibility of equipment data, status and condition from anywhere in the world.  This is completed with diagnostics reports and alarm notifications based on ABB’s expert knowledge.

The result is a series of significant operational and financial benefits for users, such as panel builders and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), thanks to the ability to detect and address issues ahead of time, which reduces the risk of power outages by 30 percent¹ and increases operation and maintenance efficiency by as much as 60 percent².  Alongside this, through technological enhancements it becomes easier to predict wear and tear and increase overall lifespan and output, helping to save thousands of dollars per solution when compared to traditional MV switchgear.

Sustainability is also achieved thanks to the VD4 evo’s ultra-compact design and energy efficient operation, which is fully Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certified.  It is 15 percent smaller compared to traditional MV breakers and, as an essential component of digital switchgear, it also plays its part in helping to save up to 150 tons of CO2 emissions over a 30 year lifetime of a 14-panel unit³ – the equivalent to 1million km in long haul economy flights. Equally, the ability to make better decisions in all aspects of installation and repair work ensures advanced safety and protection for personnel and maintenance staff.

Now available globally, the new VD4 evo is fully compatible with existing VD4 breakers and a simple, ‘plug and play’ design ensures easy installation. While available as a standalone solution, VD4 evo can also be used with the ABB Ability™ Asset Manager platform which provides in-depth analysis, trends reporting and predictive maintenance on multiple devices and systems, 24-7, remotely and via a mobile device.

ABB group vice president for Control and Protection products, Sami Raitakoski, said: “We’re thrilled to bring the next evolution of our flagship VD4 range to market. Following years of extensive research and development, VD4 evo represents an important next step in our effort towards the digitalization of power distribution. With digital embedded sensors specifically designed to provide optimized detection of thermal, electrical and mechanical parameters, VD4 evo provides the intelligent insight needed to optimize efficiency.  It also improves process and quality parameters and avoids downtime. Add to that the ability to contribute to sustainability efforts and advance safety, along with asset optimization gains equating to several thousands of dollars, and the VD4 evo is a solid investment for all operators seeking to prepare today for tomorrow’s grid of the future.”

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