‘A problem shared’ – new virtual assistance support service from ABB provides instant access to virtual face to face expert technical advice

Getting to grips with robotic automation is now even easier with the launch of ABB’s Virtual Assistance support service. The service uses a virtual platform to provide fast access to expert support to help solve technical queries and issues face to face, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

The platform enables video and images of technical problems to be transmitted live from the field where they can be seen by a remote ABB technician who can provide expert assistance.

Using a smartphone camera, users can establish a video link with the technician to allow them to see the robot or controller. The technician can then make recommendations to the user on the appropriate steps to take, talking them through the steps needed to resolve a query or issue or obtain a further diagnosis for onsite assistance.

As a means of providing customers with remote access to 24/7/365 technical support, the Virtual Assistance support service is ideal for helping to address the current restrictions on travel and site access surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. By enabling around 25 per cent of enquiries to be resolved virtually, it can also help to reduce the environmental impact of engineers travelling to site.

As well as a standalone service, the Virtual Assistance app is also being offered as part of an expanded offering called Technical Support Plus. Including Virtual Assistance, a condition-based monitoring report and one ABB certified training course, Technical Support Plus is aimed at providing companies with a development path for training their own dedicated on-site engineers with basic robot programming, operation, and maintenance skills.

For more information please visit www.abb.com/robotics