Symphony IndustrialAI announced 3M has expanded its use of the Symphony IndustrialAI digital manufacturing suite to further accelerate 3M’s digital automation transformation. 3M plants worldwide are rapidly designing and deploying workflows using Symphony IndustrialAI Digital Manufacturing to improve plant automation, operations, and controls, and increase efficiency, capacity, and safety.

“We are expanding the relationship with Symphony IndustrialAI to bring more responsiveness and efficiency to more plants and operations through the rapid deployment of digital manufacturing at the frontline,” said 3M Senior Manager, Digital Shop Floor Brian Brinkmeier. “This continues the advance of our operating model, sharpening our reflexes, and responding to global trends at the shop floor level where we apply science to life in new ways to drive sustainable growth.”

“3M has pioneered a global operating model, evolving the way 3M works and enabling us to be even more customer-focused, responsive, and leading through uncertainty,” said 3M Manufacturing Group IT Manager Elizabeth Serratore. “We have developed libraries of workflows that eliminate redundancies, drive new efficiencies, and reduce response times. The IT team is working together with operations on an expansive library of validated and compliant connections and workflows so plant engineers can rapidly design and deploy superior plant performance.”

3M uses the Symphony IndustrialAI Digital Manufacturing platform for real-time integration to multiple data sources, business applications, shop floor systems, machines, IoT devices, and people across dozens of plants. The AI-enabled Digital Manufacturing suite provides a vast library of IoT connections and a low-code environment that plant operators can use to rapidly build workflows that improve manufacturing operations and costs. These include finding open orders, reviewing materials consumption, updating quality status, running machine setups, or downloading a recipe.

“3M leadership, in pressing digital manufacturing to meet the challenges of today’s supply chain and production shocks, sets the bar for the industry. 3M is counted on to deliver everything from N95 masks to artificial hips with quality and speed. We are expanding our work together to bring next-generation manufacturing and supply to fruition,” said Symphony IndustrialAI Chief Executive Officer Dominic Gallello.

“The Symphony IndustrialAI Digital Manufacturing platform represents next-generation capacity to unlock the tremendous value latent in complex multi-dimensional manufacturing,” said Symphony IndustrialAI Digital Manufacturing President Barry Johnson. “With 3M, we are moving beyond simple automation to intelligent digital operations composed and configured to each plant at the plant level. As 3M has pointed out, the COVID-19 pandemic and supply chain shocks have advanced the pace of change and disrupted end markets around the world, increasing the need for adapting faster.”

With the Symphony IndustrialAI Digital Manufacturing platform, 3M has the capacity to:

  • Rapidly deploy manufacturing applications: the Symphony IndustrialAI Digital Manufacturing platform gives 3M plant managers and engineers simple, building-block functionality so they can rapidly design and roll out applications across plants, reducing time to value and total cost of ownership.
  • Automate and orchestrate operations: By monitoring and responding to events in real-time, 3M plant operators use the Symphony IndustrialAI workflow engine to automatically interact with shop floor teams to optimize operational performance and turn faster cycles of updates and adaptations.
  • Real-time monitoring and trend analysis: Contextualized and historized data provide 3M teams real-time access to data to spot trends across global operations and take swift, corrective action.
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Symphony IndustrialAI is an innovator in industrial insight, accelerating autonomous plant operations. The industry-leading EurekaAI/IoT platform and industrial optimization solutions connect tens of thousands of assets and workflows in manufacturing plants globally and process billions of data points daily, pushing new plateaus in operational intelligence. Symphony IndustrialAI digital manufacturing solutions connect devices, processes, people, and systems enabling harmonizing plant automation and control.  Symphony IndustrialAI plant performance applications span asset predictive maintenance and process health and optimization, maintaining high availability of equipment, extending the life of capital assets, and reducing process variability.  Symphony IndustrialAI solutions provide high value to its users by driving variability out of processes and optimizing operations for throughput, yield, energy efficiency, and sustainability.
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SymphonyAI is building the leading enterprise AI company for digital transformation across the most important and resilient growth verticals, including life sciences, healthcare, retail, consumer packaged goods, financial services, manufacturing, and media. In each of these verticals, SAI businesses have many of the leading enterprises as clients. SAI is backed by a $1 billion commitment from Dr. Romesh Wadhwani, a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. Since its founding in 2017, SymphonyAI has grown rapidly to a combined revenue run rate of more than $300 million and over 2,200 talented leaders, data scientists, and other professionals.